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Assay Depot Rebrands as Scientist

Kevin Lustig on June 5, 2016

We are excited to announce that Assay Depot has been rebranded as Our domain name has changed to but you can still access the marketplace by logging in with your same username and password. You can continue to use the marketplace to get quotes and purchase research services exactly as before.

We believe that the marketplace will transform the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry in much the same way the Amazon, AirBNB and Uber marketplaces have transformed the retail, hotel and transportation industries. Through commoditization and modularization of drug research services, Scientist dramatically shortens the R&D cycle and substantially reduces costs.

More importantly, the marketplace also enables a virtuous cycle of “compound innovation,” in which the barriers to innovation are greatly lowered. In finance, compound interest can greatly increase your monetary return. In research, compound innovation can greatly increase your scientific return. By taking advantage of compound innovation, we believe that the pharma industry could produce five times as many new medicines each year - without increasing its research budget.

We have already established long-term partnerships with 10 of the world’s largest research companies. Our goal over the next few years is to work with our partners to demonstrate that we can achieve compound innovation by Outsourcing Everything But the Genius™.