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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Reading Open Exchange From Scientist

At Scientist, we discuss the latest trends in drug development, techniques, and the pharmaceutical industry. Here are the top posts from 2013.

10. Strategic Outsourcing of Pharmaceutical R&D

Scientist CEO Kevin Lustig published in Chemistry Today on how pharmaceutical R&D is benefiting from outsourcing at the right time and with the right partners.

9. Contract Research Organizations Offer Scientists Opportunity and Expertise

CRO use is here to stay. Here we analyzed the trend toward using CROs and how it offers a model for advancing discovery effectively.

8. Key Factors in CRO Selection

This series addressed what you should consider in selecting a CRO including why to use a CRO, what to consider when selecting a CRO, and how to structure the agreements with your new collaborators.

7. Stem Cells for the Non-stem Cell Specialist

Stem cells have become critical players in basic research, drug discovery and development, and clinical investigations. This series lays out the basics on these critical cells.

6. Virtual Drug Discovery

The information age is affected all aspects of our lives… as well as drug discovery and development. This series addressed how finding funding, collaborators and services virtually is enabling a new wave of innovation.

5. Outsourcing Animal Models to CROs: A Model of Efficiency

Animal models are necessary to establish proof-of-concept and move a therapy closer to the clinic. This is when you definitely want to go to an expert. This post advises on how to get started with outsourcing your animal work.

4. Drug Discovery: Targeting the Epigenome

Drug development targets must be honed carefully to create the precise drug, but what about targeting the way the genome is programmed. This popular post addresses how thinking from a genomic perspective is changing drug discovery.

3. Open Science Coming to San Diego

Do it yourself biology may seem like something from Frankenstein, but the availability of virtual platforms and CROs creates the perfect scenario for a single person to effectively start a company in a small space. Bio, Tech and Beyond opened in Carlsbad, CA with the intention of fostering innovation and growth through a no frills incubator space. Got a great idea? Go try it out there!

2. Pharmaceutical Outsourcing: Where is the Work Going?

Does outsourcing mean that jobs are moving offshore? Some of them are; most are not. CROs will continue to thrive close to where the pharmaceutical companies are headquartered. But some work will move to other countries to decrease costs.

1. Next Generation Sequencing: Necessity In The Age Of Genomics

The most popular series of 2013 was this insightful series on Next Generation Sequencing. Sandeep Pingle discusses how this technology is revolutionizing science and medicine.

Happy New Year from Scientist!