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Strategically Outsourcing Drug Discovery

Kevin discusses how research exchanges change outsourcing drug discovery. One of the benefits is the ability to run a program from anywhere in the world

We’ve covered the importance of tactical vs strategic outsourcing and the potential for savings and innovation by outsourcing, and now we’ll be talking about it at the Dynamic Outsourcing for Life Sciences 2013 conference. Scientist CEO Kevin Lustig will discuss the viability of outsourcing drug discovery to improve the R&D pipeline and his experiences working with large pharma, such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca, on their attempts to implement outsourcing solutions.

If you want to learn about how major pharmaceuticals have customized the Scientist platform to fit their procurement and supply chain processes, Kevin will be discussing challenges to introducing new systems for outsourcing drug discovery, the importance of properly engaging vendors, how effective communication is key to innovation, and why a central platform for information and discussion improves efficiency. In particular, Kevin will discuss how online research exchanges are being used to identify new and capable vendors, while allowing internal researchers to more easily find the capabilities of current vendors and internal research groups. Research exchanges empower scientists with the ability to easily order simple assays or initiate discussions from multiple parties about large, more expensive projects. Ultimately, lower costs, greater choice, more information and better communication enhances outsourcing drug discovery.

The conference takes place on June 18-19 in Cambridge, UK. For more details, find the program at The event features speakers from Novartis, AMRI, AstraZeneca, and SAFC. Kevin speaks on Tuesday, June 18 at 1:30 PM. If you’d like to speak with Kevin there, please contact us.