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The World’s Largest Garage Laboratory

9 Maria Thompson on May 7, 2013

The San Diego Business Journal recently interviewed Scientist’s CEO Kevin Lustig about his latest side venture: “Bio, Tech and Beyond”, which is a community-focused biotech lab.

San Diego Business Journal talks to Kevin Lustig about the Carlsbad Community Lab

The “garage laboratory” concept is modeled off of “hackerspaces,” which are community-oriented workspaces that have been springing up around the country. These grassroots tech hubs allow people to meet and collaborate on individual or group projects. Fortunately for San Diegans, Carlsbad is now home to this new “open science” community lab venture.

“I’m convinced there are many people out there without the benefit of having been trained, or grew up in a poor environment — but are brilliant, and could accomplish great things in science if given a chance,” Lustig said. “With our community model, we think we could help people get into the lab with a low or no cost.”