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6 Ways Near Sourcing Helps the Life Sciences

Maria Thompson on April 4, 2013

Outsourcing is frequently associated with overseas work, however it encompasses all work that you are sending outside the company,including work to those CRO’s that are literally located “next door”. Globalisation of services and products provides the opportunity for more options and lower prices, but many industries are beginning to see the value in “near sourcing.” Near sourcing is the idea of finding a supplier or CRO that is geographically close to the customer. Tools, such as Contract Research Map, make it easier than ever to find CROs in your region. Here are several key reason’s why near sourcing is becoming more prominent in life sciences:

Contract Research Map helps identify CROs and universities close by, allowing for easy near sourcing. This map shows all of Boston’s CROs.
  1. More oversight and easier communication - you can easily drop in to check on your order so that you get the final product or service you are looking for. It’s also easier to call them (same time zone) and you have the advantage of native tongue conversations.
  2. Sourcing is difficult ! - sorting through more than 20 CROs worldwide may add too many options and factors, leading some researchers to prefer going with a CRO nearby.
  3. Faster turn-around times (and more reliable) - being able to pick up your samples or just have local delivery means a much smaller chance of delay or even possible loss of product. This may be especially valuable for samples that need to be on ice
  4. Build personal relationships - meeting someone in person often builds a much stronger relationship and rapport than email or phone.
  5. Rising cost of labor abroad and shipping - as countries, such as India and China, grow, the price of labor goes up, which raises prices for services. Additionally, shipping abroad can become costly when introducing variable fuel price and weight.
  6. Support local communities - a lot of people have pride in their community and prefer to support it by doing business nearby. It’s very prominent for food (farmer’s markets) and an increasingly common reason for near sourcing.

Contract Research Map now has 21 life science regions mapped and will be adding more in the near future!