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Contract Research Outsourced in Minutes

The ultimate goal of Scientist is to connect scientists with service providers. There are thousands of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that provide research services for a price, in any area from biology, chemistry to toxicology. Using Scientist, you can outsource any service in minutes while getting the best price and quality you are looking for.

Here is how:

Quickly find and communicate with contract research organizations or universities in minutes.

Getting Started (1-3 minutes): Visit Scientist. Search for the service you need or vendor you want to contact. It could be “DNA Sequencing,” “xenograft SCID mouse models,” or vendor “Absorption Systems.” Apply filters (on the left side of screen) or try similar keywords to refine your search. There are thousands of services and products created by CROs, and over 7000 companies listed, but we’ve created tools to find what you need.

Make a Request (1-2 minutes): Select the contract research service or CRO by clicking on its name. Click the orange “ Make a Request “ button and fill out the details. The more details about your request, the better response rate you will receive! Include your name, company/institution, and what you need to outsource. All information is completely confidential and secure; it can only be seen by vendor(s) you choose.

Wait for CRO replies (0-7 days): vendors will reply over time, working with you on important details such as price, turnaround, and deliverables. The more responsive you are, the better the vendor can work with you (and give you better service). You will use the Dashboard (registration required) to manage your communications.

Select a CRO (1 minute): Approve a price quote by clicking “Start Work” from your Dashboard or contacting the vendor directly. You’ve now successfully outsourced your needs to a contract research organization. Sourcing a product or research service and getting the best price/quality is easy. Why Google for services and CROs when it’s all been categorized? Why send emails to CROs and losing track of who said what? Why only get a price from 1-2 companies? Finding the right contract research partner is important to the success of a project, so let us help out!

Fastest Option - Ask an Expert (1 minute): Don’t want to search? Can’t find what you need? Tell us your request and we’ll contact the best possible vendors for you.