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Pharmaceutical Innovation: Technology Trends and Scientist

We’ve covered many different aspects of pharmaceutical innovation, ranging from organizational structure, patents, and incubators, but are there technologies available to promote it? We believe that Scientist directly addresses Accenture’s six technology trends for the life sciences1 whilst acting as a force for innovation.

Accenture’s six trends are as follows: prioritizing technology trends, creating an information strategy, data management, embedding social technologies, defining a cloud solution, and redefining the security mindset. Keeping up with these trends will allow Pharma to be at the forefront of innovation while modernizing organizational processes. Below we detail exactly where Scientist fits:

Scientist Enterprise is a central hub for institutional information, allowing for researchers to make a proper evaluation before ordering a service.
  1. Technology Trends: Pharma will follow the trend in other industries - the virtualization of communication, information, and commerce. We allow for all three by connecting researchers with CROs, enabling orders, and providing a single location for information. Pharmas are already beginning to embrace the enterprise version of Scientist.
  2. Information: Scientist Enterprise can hold and easily provide visual display for key information about a service or vendor so that the best decision is made before a service is ordered.
  3. Data Management: Information is only as valuable as how well it is being used, and the Backoffice system allows for easy vendor management. Enterprise also has an open API that allows it to integrate with other systems, such as Ariba, so that data is even simpler.
  4. Social: The basis of Scientist Enterprise is to promote scientific collaboration for pharmaceutical innovation by allowing for easy vendor relation management and ability to work with colleagues on research projects.
  5. Cloud: Scientist is a completely cloud-based software, therefore meaning researchers can do their project worldwide and pharmaceutical innovation can happen at any time, any place, anywhere.
  6. Security: We have worked with many different organizations to meet their security standards meaning that research projects can safely be orchestrated from outside company servers.

We believe that we fit the “next steps for life sciences technology leaders” and the virtual way forward for pharmaceutical innovation.