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The Science of Marketing a Research Exchange

6 Colin Burton on November 15, 2012

Ask any scientist whether their research requires them to collect and analyze data, and I hypothesize that 100% of them will answer with a resounding “yes”. Now ask that same question to marketers; do you think the response will differ? You may be surprised to find out that it doesn’t, and Scientist’s approach to gathering, analyzing, and utilizing data to build and improve our research exchange is certainly no exception.

In a recent PharmaPhorum interview, Roche Diagnostics Director of Global Digital Marketing, Jim Lefevere was asked “What advice would you offer on using data to drive digital change in life sciences?”.1 To summarize his answer: “It’s a mind-set that needs to be embraced and driven into any organization … Data helps you to understand how a customer interacts and engages with your company, pill, medical device, etc. across multiple devices, which is critical to developing the right experience for customers.”

Users can come to Scientist to search for services and CROs, submit requests for quotes to those CROs, and exchange information over the course of a research project. We built our platform for the researcher to help improve and simplify the research process, so it is critical for us to know that not only are we reaching the right audience with our marketing efforts, but that it actually does what we built it to do. More importantly: we need to make sure Scientist does what you need it to do. The process of refinement will never be over, and we don’t want it to be. The more data we can collect and analyze, the better our understanding of you, the user, becomes, and ultimately that allows us to offer a better product.

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