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Custom Mouse Models for the Rare Disease Challenge

Image courtesy of Nick Harris.

Taconic has donated custom mouse model generation for the Rare Disease Science Challenge.

The research service is worth over $50,000 dollars and joins over $400,000 worth of services for the competition. Mouse models are exceptionally valuable for mimicking disease conditions and predicting therapeutic outcomes, which makes it even more useful for studying rarely occurring diseases. Rare disease researchers can apply for:

Constitutive knockout mouse model, which permanently inactivates a target gene in all cells of the animal throughout development.

Constitutive knockin mouse model, in which Taconic inserts a point mutation into the genome in a precise manner.

Targeted transgenic mouse model, in which Taconic inserts a transgene into the well-defined ROSA26 locus without interfering with the expression of other genes.1

Taconic joins 19 other companies, five of which have donated services worth over $25,000. We have written a short guide to help researchers figure out how they might use these donated services and how to use the Scientist platform to perform their research. There are many steps to be finished before needing mouse models, and we want to facilitate that as much as we can. Scientist is proud to be working with companies like Taconic and hope that scientists will take the chance to work with the twenty wonderful companies donating to the Be HEARD Challenge.

  1. Full text can be found at