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Scientist’s CEO, Kevin Lustig - One of the Top 100 Leaders in the Life Sciences

Scientist on September 20, 2012

Scientist’s very own Kevin Lustig is one of the recipients of this year’s 2012 PharmaVOICE 100 award:

Scientist is proud to announce that our own Kevin Lustig is one of the recipients of the 2012 PharmaVOICE 100 award, which each year recognizes the top 100 contributors in the life Science industry. Kevin’s nomination is a great source of pride for us here as Scientist as it recognizes not just Kevin personally but the whole of Scientist.

In bestowing the award, PharmaVOICE recognized Kevin’s vision some six years ago when he foresaw the coming democratization of scientific research, and understood that the catalyst to accelerate the future of drug development was knowledge and information. It was this understanding and vision that led directly to the founding of Scientist. Providing researchers - no matter where they are located - with the knowledge and the connections to advance their research, to identify and engage partners for each step in the drug development process.

Leveraging outsourcing to fill gaps in a company’s internal competencies and accelerate drug development far beyond its current pace, indeed such is the power of outsourcing that a researcher using Scientist could take a drug from concept to clinic without needing any laboratory space of their own.

In the six years since Scientist was founded this theme of democratizing the scientific process and making it available to everyone has started to permeate throughout the life science industry. We have seen technologies (such as sequencing and mass spec) that were previously only available in core labs at great cost becoming available to researchers in every lab in the form of small, inexpensive, bench top instruments. And witnessed the spread of research from universities and pharma companies into the homes, offices, and garage workshops of ordinary people (see ‘Doing Biotech in My Bedroom’ MIT Technology Review, Feb 2012)

In accepting the award Kevin commented:

“This award is a ringing endorsement of Scientists vision to democratize science, enabling scientists no matter where they are situated to find and engage the expertise necessary to bring a drug all the way through development and clinical trials. It recognizes not just me personally but the whole of Scientist.”

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