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Making Our Mark in Science

Maria Thompson on September 18, 2012

Innovation = knowledge + creativity + work. At Scientist, we try to reduce the barriers to all three elements of that equation via Scientist, but our online outsourcing database only reaches a specific set of people: those actually doing science. In order to promote future scientists, Scientist is starting its Make Your Mark Competition, a part of our series of Open Science Challenges, for high schools across the USA.

We hope that Make Your Mark provides the tools and funding that rekindles interest in science for all students, even those that do not plan on majoring in the STEM fields. Students will have the opportunity to test their ideas freely and teachers can acquire the materials for a cool class demonstration or laboratory. Ultimately, this information-rich age allows any citizen to do science, as seen in the Open Science movement, and the only thing someone really needs is the appreciation for what science can do and the tools to make this happen (for San Diegans this might be available in the near future with a possible community lab coming to Carlsbad - stay tuned for more info). Our past infographic found that people believe Science has a positive effect on society, so we just want to do our part to make our own mark.