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A New Look for Our Website

Scientist on March 23, 2011

You may have noticed, we changed the layout of Scientist this week. We really liked our old design, but we’d been using it for a few years and decided it was time for a change. We had three main goals for this update.

First, we wanted to make search more prominent on every page. With our old design people would “lose” the search tool because it was in a dark gray bar at the very top of the screen. Now it’s front and center.

Second, we wanted to reduce the number of images on the page. As many of you may know, the more images on the page, the more requests your browser has to make to the server. This redesign has reduced the number of images that need to be downloaded as well as combined some other resources. This should make pages load a bit quicker.

Finally, and most importantly, we wanted to lay the ground work for future enhancements. We have a lot of big ideas for the site and this redesign is the foundation for a lot of them.

Thank you to Patrick Crowley of mokolabs. He did a phenomenal designing the new site as well as reorganizing the view portion of our code base.

I hope you like the redesigned site as much as we do!