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New Feature: View All Providers

Scientist on April 5, 2010

Just last week we released our faceted browsing feature. This week we are following it up by adding the entire contents of our internal database of suppliers to the website. Our database is the most highly curated database of pre-clinical CROs anywhere consisting of more than 2,300 vendors, with more added everyday.

You can access this database right from our homepage:

There is a link to view all providers right on our homepage

If you know the name of the CRO you are looking for, you can browse an alphabetical list:

Browse CROs by name

Or you can search for any term you like and look for providers that way (try searching for proteomics or next generation sequencing):

Searching for Next Generation Sequencing returns over 70 CROs

Finally, you can still narrow your search by certification or location. We hope you like the new feature. Please add a comment if you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions.

Happy searching!