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Wayne State University Karmanos Cancer Institute Biostatistics Core

Detroit, Michigan, US
Company Type:
Academic Core Facility

The Biostatistics Core is a resource for Cancer Center investigators in clinical, laboratory, population studies and prevention research. It is the objective of the Biostatistics Core to provide expertise in statistical science to ensure scientific rigor in study design, statistical analysis, and interpretation of cancer research data.

Specifically, members of the Core:

Develop experimental designs for clinical, laboratory, intervention, and observational studies
Conduct statistical analyses and collaborate on interpretation of results
Write statistical reports and make statistical presentations
Provide statistical expertise in writing grant proposals and manuscripts
Provide instruction in biostatistics to cancer researchers in journal clubs, seminar series and grand rounds presentations
Evaluate new and conventional statistical methodology for applicability to cancer research projects and apply or adapt the methods as required
Core biostatisticians collaborate with Cancer Center investigators in framing testable questions, devising experimental plans that make efficient use of experimental materials, patient populations and community participants. They ensure that there is sufficient statistical power to answer the research questions and that due consideration is given to issues of measurement, unbiased and efficient sample selection, unbiased assessment of outcomes, adequate follow-up and other details of implementation. They provide expertise on efficient collection and management of cancer research data and devise quality control procedures to ensure the validity and completeness of those data.
During the planning stages of a study, the statistician devises an analysis plan consistent with the experimental design. Following the initial statistical analysis, the statistician evaluates the conformity of the data to the statistical assumptions, assesses the adequacy of the fit of the statistical model, investigates the effects of outlying or missing data points and assesses the sensitivity of the results to the presence of these observations. When conventional methods prove inadequate, conventional methods are modified or new methods applied.

Statisticians are responsible for writing the Statistical Considerations sections of grant proposals and clinical protocols. They select and describe the statistical methods, write the results sections of manuscripts and collaborate on interpreting the results for collaborative projects.

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Wayne State University Karmanos Cancer Institute Biostatistics Core
4100 John R Street Detroit, MI, 48201 United States
Wayne State University Karmanos Cancer Institute Biostatistics Core
4100 John R Detroit, Michigan, 48201 United States

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