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UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Research Histology, Pathology and Imaging Core

Smithville, , Texas , US
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Academic Core Facility

The Histology Core and Mutant Mouse Pathology Service (MMPS) have combined to form the CCSG-funded Science Park Research Histology, Pathology and Imaging Core (RHPI). The RHPI, directed by Manu M. Sebastian, D.V.M, Ph.D., D.A.C.V.P, D.A.B.T., D.A.C.L.A.M, comprises three units: 1) RHPI – Histology Laboratory, 2) RHPI – Pathology Services, and 3) RHPI – Imaging Services. These three units work together to specialize in consultations for designing integrated histology, pathology and imaging protocols for animal studies.

The Histology Laboratory provides researchers with routine and specialized histology and immunohistochemistry services, technical assistance, and training and consultations in histological techniques. The Histology Laboratory has developed over 500 customized immunohistochemistry (IHC) protocols for researchers, and in the last two years alone has served 26 researchers from 10 different departments from three MD Anderson campuses as well as investigators from four separate UT System institutions. In addition, this outstanding core serves clients from Texas A&M HSC, Baylor, Rice, and five institutions outside of Texas.

Pathology Services, overseen by our skilled veterinary pathologist and RHPI director, Manu M. Sebastian, D.V.M, Ph.D., D.A.C.V.P, D.A.B.T., D.A.C.L.A.M., is coordinated in part by the histology staff. Pathology Services provides full necropsy, hematology and serum chemistry services, as well as histopathological services. Specialized pathology equipment includes a recently acquired VetScan2 clinical chemistry analyzer for blood chemistry and electrolyte analysis, and a HemaVet 950S for complete blood counts (CBCs).

Imaging Services provides scientists with experimental imaging support. Specialized imaging equipment includes an IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging system, purchased through a CPRIT Shared Instrumentation Award, which provides non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns in living animals, using fluorescent and/or bioluminescent markers; an Aperio ScanScope CS slide scanner (Leica) with 20X and 40X magnification capability that produces digital, high-resolution, virtual slides that can be viewed and analyzed using specific software; a Faxitron MX-20 Digital X-Ray System (self-contained unit for high resolution digital radiography), a Vevo 770 (high frequency ultrasound machine), and an ArcturusXT laser capture microdissection (LCM) microscope.

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UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Research Histology, Pathology and Imaging Core
1808 Park Road 1C, Smithville, , Texas , 78957 United States
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Research Histology, Pathology and Imaging Core
1808 Park Road 1C Smithville, TX, 78957 United States

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