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UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Radiation Dosimetry Services

Houston, , TX , US
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Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)

Mailed Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLD) for Quality Assurance

Radiation Therapy Machine Output Checks

The MD Anderson Radiation Dosimetry Services (RDS) provides independent peer reviews of beam output for radiation dose delivery systems. Specifically, we provide output checks for external beam radiation therapy machines including:

megavoltage photon (2 – 25 MV)
electron (4 – 20 MeV)
orthovoltage (1.9 mm Al – 3 mm Cu HVL)
Absorbed Dose in Blood Irradiators

Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD) are available by mail to check the absorbed dose to the blood in irradiators used by blood banks. Packets of dosimeters are supplied; these can be placed at various locations to monitor the range of dose throughout the canister for a typical irradiation. These measurements are an independent check of the calibration of the blood irradiator as provided by the manufacturer.

Radiation Dosimetry Services also offers checks of:

total body dosimetry
total skin dosimetry

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UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Radiation Dosimetry Services
8060 El Rio St., ERD 1.200 Houston, , TX , 77054-4186 United States
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Radiation Dosimetry Services
Houston, TX, 77054 United States

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