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University of Victoria Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Victoria, BC, CA
Company Type:
Academic Core Facility

The Electron Microscope Laboratory functions as an Electron Microscopy resource center for the Biology Department, other Departments within the University of Victoria, and external non-UVic personnel.

The EM Lab operates on a cost recovery basis.
The EM Lab is managed by Brent Gowen who has +30 years biological microscopy experience.

Jeol JEM-1011 Transmission Electron Microscope
Tungsten filament, up to 120 kV
Gatan Erlangshen 4k x 2.5K CCD camera

Hitachi S-3500N Scanning Electron Microscope
Tungsten filament, up to 30 kV
Variable Pressure
Secondary and Backscattered Electron Imaging

Oxford Instruments Link ISIS EDS X-Ray Microanalysis System on the S-3500N SEM

Leica Ultracaut UCT
Reichert Ultracut E

Leica EM KMR2 Knifemaker

Leica CPD 300 Critical Point Dryer

Polaron High Vacuum Evaporator
Carbon deposition electrode
Electrode for platinum, gold, etc deposition
Glow Discharge attachment
Rotary Table

JB-4 Microtome
Normal ancillary equipment associated with an Electron Microscope Laboratory

Site Badges
University of Victoria Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Room 065 Cunningham Building Department of Biology Victoria, BC, V8W 3N5 Canada

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