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University of Rhodes Island - Genomics and Sequencing Center

South Kingstown, RI, US
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Academic Core Facility

The Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center (RIGSC) was established to provide technical and analytical support for molecular biology and genomics research at the University of Rhode Island and all RI EPSCoR institutions. The mission of the RIGSC is to facilitate interdisciplinary genomics research and undergraduate and graduate student training opportunities by providing researchers access to cutting-edge technologies in the field of genomics.

The RIGSC offers services in robotic sample preparation, DNA library preparation, DNA sequencing (Sanger and Next Generation), fragment analysis, quantitative PCR and in the identification of microbial species and phenotypes. We also provide imaging services using transmitted light, epifluorescence and scanning confocal microscopy as well as cryostat sectioning of frozen specimens. Investigators are encouraged to contact us to incorporate our services into your research and teaching needs.

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University of Rhodes Island - Genomics and Sequencing Center
45 Upper College Road South Kingstown, RI, 02881 United States

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