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Universidad Central Del Caribe SoM Cellular and Molecular Biology Center

Bayamon, , PR
Company Type:
Academic Core Facility

The Cellular and Molecular Biology Center is an interdisciplinary group of researchers from all of the basic sciences departments at our Institution who share common and interrelated research interests in cell and molecular biology. The Center coordinates two core facilities, the Optical Imaging Facility and the Protein and DNA Core Facility, which offer services to Center members and the general scientific community. The Center also coordinates seminars, workshops and an Annual Retreat for UCC researchers, where conceptual and technical advances in cell and molecular biology are presented and demonstrated by distinguished visiting scientists and commercial instrumentation representatives. Center researchers mainly work in the areas of signal transduction and functional genomics.

Research Projects:

•Oxidative DNA Damage and Oxysterol-induced Apoptosis
•Membrane cholesterol and lipid-protein interaction alters the AChR function
•Glial polyamine regulation of the neuronal-glial network
•Functional role of potassium channels in astrocytes
•Regulation of Kir channels in retinal cells
•Mechanisms of immunosuppression in modeled microgravity
•Norepinephrine and cocaine sensitization.
•Repair of AP sites and aging in S. cerevisia
•NPY and Nucleotides Signaling in Vascular Endothelial Cells
•Structure-Function Relationship of Muscarinic Toxin MT7
•Non genomic action of thyroid hormones in the amphibian neuromuscular junction

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Universidad Central Del Caribe SoM Cellular and Molecular Biology Center
PO BOX 60327 Bayamon, , 00960-6032 Puerto Rico

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