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The UAB Research Foundation (UABRF)

Birmingham, AL, US
Company Type:
Academic Core Facility

The UAB Research Foundation (UABRF) is the technology transfer office for UAB. It was formed in 1987 as a non-profit corporation with a mission to identify, assess, and market commercially viable technology developed at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The UABRF is the assignee of all intellectual property developed at UAB, and is responsible for reviewing all invention disclosures submitted.

The UABRF oversees the protection of intellectual property rights for UAB, including the initiation of domestic and foreign patent filings when appropriate. Additionally, the UABRF negotiates, manages, and monitors research, option and licensing agreements on behalf of UAB.

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The UAB Research Foundation (UABRF)
701 20th Street South Birmingham, Alabama, 35294-0107 United States
The UAB Research Foundation (UABRF)
701 20th Street South Birmingham, AL, 35233 United States

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