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Sanguine BioSciences

Year Established:
Waltham, MA, US
Company Type:
Mid-Sized Business (10-100M TTM Revenue)
Professional Associates:
BayBio, BIOCOM, BioNJ, MassBio

We partner with leading pharmaceutical and emerging biotech companies to provide researchers with an enhanced ability to recruit study participants and collect clinically relevant biospecimens and data through our mobile phlebotomy workforce across the United States. Our direct-to-patient model removes barriers to participation and has already energized a homegrown community of more than 55,000 patient members to get involved with accelerating research for the conditions they battle with. By empowering patients to participate from the comfort of their homes, together with our more than 100 advocacy group partnerships and highly strategic online recruitment campaigns, we ensure that researchers who partner with us touch even the hardest-to-reach populations.

Fully Integrated Service Solutions

Patient Biospecimen and Data Collection

We procure human biospecimens prospectively and can satisfy challenging study designs and increasingly complex sample criteria. Our capabilities are minimally invasive and are further supported by in-home centrifugation and supplementary laboratory services such as PBMC and other cell type-specific isolations, HLA typing, and comprehensive clinical testing.

Leukopak Sample Collection

Through our direct-to-patient approach, we can identify diseased state donors and perform leukapheresis to provide enriched apheresis products containing high concentrations of peripheral blood mononuclear cells including T-cells, B-cells, NK-cells, and monocytes.

Longitudinal Sampling and Event-Based Collection

Our direct relationship with patients gives you the long-term access you need to complete longitudinal studies and procure biospecimens during key disease-associated pain events for a clinically useful view of biology. Moreover, supplementing biological samples with observational surveys and questionnaires over time is entirely feasible.

Patient Surveys and Questionnaires

We can work with you on study design to get a comprehensive patient view. Our capabilities include real-world data collected in real-time from patient-reported outcome measures, electronic medical record information and history, custom patient surveys and questionnaires, and wearable technologies.

Onsite and Same-Day Healthy Control Programs

Onsite programs allow employees to participate as healthy controls in ongoing research programs at your organization. Remote same-day sample collection and delivery are available within a 4-hour radius of research sites in select geographical locations. We handle all pre-screening, informed consent, privacy, and regulatory requirements for the onsite and same-day programs we offer.

Clinical PBMC Sample Processing

With our 3,000 sq. ft biospecimen processing and storage laboratory located in San Diego, we can receive fresh whole blood samples for same-day and next-day PBMC isolation and storage. Client-specific SOPs can be validated, optimized, and used for all samples designated for that specific client. Every study has a designated Project Manager to communicate with both clinical sites and client teams. Our Sample manifests and storage reports can be requested by the client at any time. Our laboratory utilizes a cloud-based, HIPPA-certified LIMS system and can also adhere to client-specific chain-of-custody processes.

Site Badges
Sanguine Biosciences Laboratory
3030 Bunker Hill St San Diego, CA, 92109 United States
Sanguine BioSciences
318 Bear Hill Rd Waltham, MA, 02451 United States
Sanguine BioSciences
5000 Van Nuys Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 91423 United States

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