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Oncodesign Services

Year Established:
Dijon, , FR
Company Type:
Mid-Sized Business (10-100M TTM Revenue)
Professional Associates:


Oncodesign Services is a leading biopharmaceutical company that meets the needs of innovation in the health industry through precision medicine. The company has built an industrial model of innovation to orientate new therapeutic molecules to fight serious illnesses with unmet medical needs : cancer, immuno-oncology, immunology, inflammation and infectious diseases.

Starting out from your targets or your molecules, we orient, drive and perform discovery or development programs to select the best drug candidates thanks to our following services:

  • IDDS (Integrated Drug Discovery Services) DRIVE —> From target validation to preclinical candidate and IND
  • DDSA (Discovery and Development Strategic Alliance) —> Strategic discovery program management up to clinical phase
  • Stand-alone services —> Proof of concept Pharmacology / Pharmaco imaging / Targeted radiotherapy / ADME DMPK / Bioanalysis/ Biopharmaceutical products services / Biodecontamination/Biosafety / Biobanking /


Oncodesign recognizes it is a significant investment for clients to select and access specialized technologies and expert scientist resources with extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. When it comes to outsourcing client projects, quality, innovation, time, and agility are key components for clients seeking to build a trusted and long-term relationship.

  • Helping our clients identify new approaches and anticipate tomorrow’s challenge

Oncodesign is a vector for therapeutic innovation.
As such, for over two decades, Oncodesign has invested in a continuum of technologies platforms (Predict®, Xmice®, T.O.T.®, OncoSNIPE® and Pharmimage®) to support Precision Medicine innovation model. These platforms come from the technological specificities of the company, thanks to a mesh pattern of scientific skills, knowledge & know-how and innovative technologies.

Thanks to these platforms we support our clients investigating and establishing preclinical proof-of concept of a multitude of therapeutic approaches and products.

So far, 5,000 advanced preclinical or clinical therapeutic solutions have been assess ranging from new chemical entities, biologics, cell or gene therapy, systemic targeted radiotherapies as well as combination therapies.

  • A strong track record

Oncodesign’s multidisciplinary research teams and our seasoned management staff have had true accomplishments in drug discovery, having delivered more than 20 pre-clinical candidates to clients, partners and internally. A significant number of pre-clinical candidates, including first-in-class, have already progressed into clinical trials

Besides, we have been serving more than 800 clients amongst pharmaceutical, biotech and life-science companies around the world to assess numerous treatment options in preclinical proof-of-concept studies across major therapeutic areas.
We also take pride in the trust and fidelity of our clients proven by long term agreements and sustained repeat business.

  • Mutual understanding & customized project management

We first listen to and understand clients’ requirements to design their tailored studies or discovery programs. Together, we set key milestones to reach endpoints such as activity, selectivity, pharmacological or ADME profile and toxicity, within a defined frame time.

To allow our client to take informed and on-time decisions, we implement program or project management to insure constructive and regular discussions.

  • A collaborative mindset from a team with mix of backgrounds, experiences & skills

For Oncodesign “we must succeed together”. The creation of value arising from reciprocity, that is to say balanced, and transparent exchanges at all levels, with our partners, our clients.

We acknowledge the diversity of our clients’ cultures and needs. However, all clients seek our team ability to design and perform studies or discovery programs encompass highest pharmaceutical standard to deliver robust data and products. Oncodesign combines a biotechnology mindset to seek for all fast track pathways along with a sense of service to deliver and communicate on purpose.

Our management, scientific and business development teams encompass a mix of origin, experiences and skills. This diversity is a valuable asset to Oncodesign, allowing us to understand each unique client and to drive discovery programs knowing that no two projects will ever be the same.

  • Quality meeting client satisfaction & regulatory requirements

Oncodesign’s quality management aims to set-up a framework to monitor our ability to meet client satisfaction in drug discovery and development along with regulatory requirements.

We drive our quality management process in a continuous improvement approach, as part of the comprehensive company management. As such, Oncodesign welcomes inspections and audits from clients & health authorities for the work being considered.
Furthermore, for non-clinical development, Oncodesign is GLP compliant with grade A certification from French authorities (ANSM).

Oncodesign offers assessment solutions to evaluate innovative preventive and therapeutic strategies for COVID-19 (sars-CoV-2).
Oncodesign’s mission is to discover innovative new therapies for serious diseases that do not currently have any known treatments. Operating within the framework of Infectious Disease Models and Innovative Therapies (IDMIT), Oncodesign is a major actor in the drug development ecosystem. Its in-house experience, acquired over 25 years, combined with working with other strategic partners, offers straightforward, immediately available or soon-to-be validated in vitro and in vivo models based on a broad number of readouts. This latest announcement means that clients will directly benefit from the most up-to-date scientific breakthroughs, enabling them to assess drugs for the benefit of COVID-19 patients.

Oncodesign Services offers computational chemistry services based on CADD experimented team.
In close collaboration the with the in vitro, in vivo , DMPK and bioanalytical departments, the medicinal chemistry unit works to deliver quality hits, leads and drug candidates with fast cycles.
Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) has been used for many years in the pharmaceutical research sector. The CADD provides support for experiments throughout the research process of drug candidate, from the identification of biological targets to the first pre-clinical studies. The primary objective of CADD is to accelerate the research process by helping medicinal chemists to guide the strategic choices of drug candidates.

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Oncodesign Services
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Oncodesign Services
20 rue Jean Mazen Dijon, , 21076 Cedex France

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