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Year Established:
Alcobendas, Madrid, ES
Company Type:
Mid-Sized Business (10-100M TTM Revenue)

NIMGenetics provides advanced Genomics, Transcriptomics, Bioinformatics and Stem Cell services leveraging NGS, Single-cell and arrayCGH technologies and expertise to support Biopharma Industry, CROs and Academic Researchers.

At NIMGenetics, we pride ourselves on the Speed, Competitive Pricing and Tailored R&D Services we can offer our partners.

We integrate the most modern technologies with an internally developed pipeline for genomic analysis, applying our own bioinformatics tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and a large proprietary genetic database.

In addition, NIMGenetics’ Clinical Relationships, in Leading Hospitals and Clinics, as well as our Repository of Clinical Genomics Data, makes us an especially interesting partner to support R&D projects from the Earliest Discovery and Preclinical Stages to Clinical Trials and Companion Diagnostics (CDx).

NIMGenetics offers Research and Development Support Services such as: Whole-Genome and Exome Sequencing, Gene Expression (RNASeq, Single Cell and Methylation Profiling), DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries, Genomics for Cell and Gene Therapy, Optical Genome Mapping, CRISPR Off-target Effects, Viral Vector Integration Analysis, Bioinformatics Analysis, a growing Genomics Database of under-represented populations from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, and tailor-made R&D Consultancy projects. We support researchers in Oncology, Rare Diseases, Regenerative Medicine, Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Diseases, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, GastrointestinaI, Microbiome and a wealth of other Research Areas.

Site Badges
NIMGenetics Brasil
Rua Elvira Ferraz nº 250 Cj. 211 Itaim, São Paulo SP, 04552-040 Brazil
NIMGenetics Brasil
Rua Elvira Ferraz nº 250 Cj. 211 Itaim, São Paulo SP, 04552-040 Brazil
NIMGenetics Portugal
Avenida Prof. Gama Pinto nº 2 Lisboa, Lisboa, 1649-003 Portugal
Lab - Spain
Calle Faraday 7 Madrid, Madrid, 28049 Spain
Headquarters - Spain
Calle Anabel Segura 16 Alcobendas, Madrid, 28108 Spain

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