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Miami University - Instrumentation Laboratory

Oxford, OH, US
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Academic Core Facility

The Instrumentation Laboratory is a technological partner to teaching and research throughout Miami University by its support of instrumentation and laboratory equipment. This partnership is achieved through competent staff, suitably equipped facilities, and the array of services available to both faculty and students.

Instrumentation Laboratory services are maintenance and repair of instruments, laboratory apparatus, and glassware; consultation and training on laboratory equipment; and design and construction of specialized apparatus. Facilities are the electrical and electronic laboratory, the mechanical laboratory and machine shop, and the welding shop. Multidisciplinary access to an inventory of major analytical instruments is provided.


Maintenance and repair- The Instrumentation Laboratory provides routine and preventative maintenance and repair for instruments and laboratory apparatus.

Consultation and Training- The Instrumentation Laboratory consults with faculty and students on a wide range of technical issues related to research, such as equipment purchase, instrument selection, and design. We train in user maintenance of instruments, and safety procedures.

Design and Construction of Specialized Apparatus- The Instrumentation Laboratory staff has the engineering and technological skills to design and construct many types of instruments, apparatus, and accessories. Complex glassware, mechanisms from well drilling rigs to miniature sample cell manifolds, and amplifiers, filters, timers, computer interfaces, and software have been designed and built by the Instrumentation Laboratory. The IL is now offers design and support of projects using the LabVIEW System Design Software.

Instrument Accessibility- The Instrumentation Laboratory provides interdisciplinary access to major research instruments located in the science departments. Specialized instruments important to two or more research groups are made accessible to all researchers by inclusion on the Instrumentation Laboratory’s Equipment List.

Questions- If you have questions about any of these services, please contact the Instrumentation Lab.

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Miami University - Instrumentation Laboratory
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