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Kansas State University Bioinformatics Center

Manhattan, KS, US
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Academic Core Facility

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research area that relies on computational and statistical methods to solve biological problems. With the advancement of high throughput technologies, biological experiments now generate huge amount of data, ranging from genomic sequences to gene expression profiles and to protein structures. Obviously, it is no longer efficient to analyze the data from a genomics experiment with paper and pencil, or even spreadsheet. Instead, sophisticated database systems and data mining tools are required to manage and analyze the data.

The Bioinformatics Center at the Kansas State University was established in 2001 under the direction of Dr. Susan J. Brown. The primary goal of the center is to provide state-of-the-art bioinformatics support to biological researchers at KSU. It also serves as an active site for bioinformatics research and development in the state of Kansas.

The KSU Bioinformatics Center is funded by the NIH through the Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE). The K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core was established to promote the use of bioinformatics in biomedical research. It provides bioinformatics support and educational programs to K-INBRE participants.

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Kansas State University Bioinformatics Center
Manhattan, KS, 66506 United States
Kansas State University Bioinformatics Center
Manhattan, KS, 66506 United States

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