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JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Graz, Steiermark, AT
Company Type:
Mid-Sized Business (10-100M TTM Revenue)

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a publicly onwed research organisation located in Graz, Austria. Its Institute HEALTH is committed to research in the medical field and health-related disciplines, positioned at the crossroads of technology and medicine. Our clients are mainly pharmaceutical companies (R&D, early development, translational, manufacturing), biotech and medical device companies.
To meet industry needs and standards we are certified accroding to Good Laboratory Practise and EN ISO 13485.

Area(s) of expertise

1) preclinical and clinical studies to investigate local PK, PD profiles in brain, dermal and adipose tissue
We investigate the pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of new drugs as and new pharmaceutical formulations. We also carry out biomarker-based and metabolomic studies to pinpoint the causes of inflammatory diseases. We perform preclinical ex vivo and in vivo, as well as clinical in vivo, studies. During these studies, we use microdialysis and our patented Open Flow Microperfusion: ==>

2) Bioequivalence testing for topical generics: learn more
Currently, FDA approval for topical generic drugs requires a clinical endpoint study to show bioequivalence (BE). Standard blood PK studies are not useful for BE tests of topical dermal generics. dOFM allows a PK based BE approach directly in the skin.

3) Bioanalysis (under GLP/non-GLP)
We analyze low volume samples from all biological matrices to determine PK/PD profiles and to support your biomarker research. We are experts in mass spectrometry and immuno-chemistry and we are dedicated to develop analytical methods for challenging analytes on GLP/GCLP standard, e.g. with ultra-high sensitivity and high sample throughput. ==>

4) Pharmaceutical analysis (under GLP/non-GLP)
We develop customized solutions for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of cleaning validation, content determination and impurity testing. To meet your requirements we combine highly specialized analytics and certified quality standards with know-how from research and development. ==>

5) targeted and untargeted Metabolomics:
We are actively developing innovative and optimized analytical methods that can be used to investigate metabolic processes. Toward this end, we pool our bio-analytical, statistical, medical, biological and biochemical expertise and conjoin it with advanced information technology. This strategy allows us to offer a wide range of customer-oriented services in the field of metabolomics and metabolic research. ==>

6) Data Management for clinical studies:
We provide GCP-compliant comprehensive data management services specifically tailored to your clinical and preclinical studies. We manage data from various sources (e.g. clinical data, laboratory data, medical device data) and provide an easy-to-use, fully validated Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for your clinical data. We assist with all your data management tasks in a clinical trial, from protocol development to study reporting. ==>

7) Biostatistics for clinical studies
We offer a wide range of specialized biostatistical services to manage all aspects of your study from design to data analysis. We help you design and power your study to become statistically meaningful and cost-effective. Our profound understanding of clinical trials and our advanced statistical methodology ensures results that are scientifically accurate, validated and reproducible. ==>

8) Medical sensor development
We develop (bio-)sensor-based solutions for fast and more convenient monitoring of health-relevant parameters in home- and clinical settings for diagnosis and prevention – from the initial idea to a prototype. More specifically,
Sensor-based solutions refer to quick and convenient measurements by use of electrochemical and/or optical (bio-)sensors.
Health-relevant parameters refer to biological analytes or -properties that can be used as indicators for the health state of the human body.
Home settings include health parameter assessments performed by the patients themselves or by mobile nursing staff at the patients´ homes, while clinical settings include point of care tests in hospitals and ambulances where medical trained staff is available.

9) Development of Clinical Decision Support systems
We develop and study intelligent software systems to provide safe and evidence-based support for complex clinical processes. We aim to enable professional medical decision-making and adequate patient care by providing modern ICT solutions directly at the point of care.

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