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Indianna University SoD CRTU In Situ Research Unit

Indianapolis, IN, US
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Academic Core Facility

In-situ caries research conducted at the Oral Health Research Institute include basic research investigations of:
intra-oral as well as in vitro demineralization and remineralization of dental hard tissue and the efficacy of newly developed cariostatic protocols and/or therapeutic agents;
new, tested and validated state-of-the-art caries detection technologies;
the metabolism and pharmacological effects of fluoride; and
the biological impact of fluoride contained in foods, beverages and dentifrice products.
A substantial number of these investigations are conducted as the result of sponsored agreements with industry and the submission of protocols for research grants. The unit manager will work with sponsors to design specific protocols to meet individual sponsor needs. All laboratory investigations are conducted under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Guidelines issued by the FDA, with all laboratory procedures audited and final study reports reviewed by the OHRI’s Quality Assurance Officer.

The In Situ Unit is supported by the faculty and staff of the following programs at the Indiana University School of Dentistry’s Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry.
In Situ Models
Intra-Oral Caries Models for Evaluating Anticaries Efficacy of Fluoride Products

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Indianna University SoD CRTU In Situ Research Unit
415 Lansing Street Indianapolis, IN, 46202-2876 United States
Indianna University SoD CRTU In Situ Research Unit
415 Lansing Street Indianapolis, IN, 46202 United States

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