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Year Established:
København, DK
Company Type:
Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)

Immunitrack is a world leading company within in-vitro peptide immunogenicity assessment. Our company has a platform technology Neoscreen aimed at validating truly immunogenic epitopes and studying T cell populations (CD4 and CD8) in human and mouse models. Our company builds on more than 20 years of experience in working in vitro with MHC molecules.s

With the introduction of affinity assays 100 fold more sensitive and novel stability assays previously unavailable, a new level of precision has been introduced in the assignment of immunogenicity and in the identification of neo-epitopes. Immunitrack is so far the only company able to work with MHC class II peptide complexes in a robust and reliable way.
Applications where this capability is key are many but for your company we can envision applications in the following areas:

  • Mapping T-cell epitopes in biologics at drug discovery/drug design stage.
  • Identify patient specific MHC-peptide complexes (neoantigens) from tumor infiltrating T-cells before and after check point inhibitor treatment
  • Powerful workflow from identification of cancer targets with strong therapeutical potential to generating TCR or TCR-like antinbodies and downstream characterisation (off target, cell killing).
  • Development of biomarkers.
  • Understanding of patient immune responses to immunotherapy on a molecular level.

What we offer:

  • A set of capabilities including: peptide synthesis, MHC restriction of peptides, in vitro validation of T cell epitopes.
  • a workflow to support early TCR, TCR-LA development programs. Including target discovery, generation of TCR, TCR-LA and downstream characterisation.
  • Reliable assessment of neo-epitope binding to MHC I & MHC II, reducing inaccuracies and false positives by combining affinity and stability assessment of MHC/neo-epitope.
  • Large and expanding portfolio of MHC I & II alleles for mouse and human aligning customer requests.
  • In vitro assay capabilities on thousands of neo-epitopes.
  • Production capabilities of hundreds of biotinylated MHC/ neo-epitope complexes for T cell population studies.
  • a powerful platform for finding, validating and quantifying T cell responses towards cancer neo-epitopes and viral derived epitopes, via flow cytometry
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42 Lersø Parkallé København, , 2100 Denmark

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