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Illinois State University SBS Neuroscience and Physiology Core

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Academic Core Facility

Here are some of the key equipment for use by our faculty and their students in neuroscience

Fluorescence microscope with high-speed camera and fixed stage
live cell imaging (Calcium imaging and voltage-sensitive dye imaging)
Stereoscope with fluorescence and video capture
used for behavioral observations and optical imaging
Inverted microscope for anatomical studies
Intracellular and extracellular recording amplifiers
measures neuronal activities
Voltage clamp, current clamp, patch clamp and dynamic clamp systems
measures ionic currents in cells
In vivo electrophysiology system
for studying neuronal activity in living animals
Electrophoresis rig for gels
Microinjection/ picospritzer
for injecting DNA/RNA and dyes into cells or tissue
Laser-photoablation to selectively disable neurons
Thermocycler for amplifying DNA
QM-4 fluorimeter
Variety of high speed & ultra-centrifuges, micro centrifuges
Triaxial magnetic coil system for magnetic field manipulation in behavioral experiments
Unix and PC clusters for computer modeling
A 32 channel EEG/ERP system for monitoring brain activity
An eye-tracker for monitoring eye movements and pupil size
Voltammetry rig to measure in vivo changes of neurotransmitter release
Implantable voltammetry device and stimulator
for controlling neurotransmitter release from dopaminergic neurons

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Illinois State University SBS Neuroscience and Physiology Core
Normal, IL, 61790 United States

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