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Genex Diagnostics

Seattle, WA, US
Company Type:
Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)

Genex Diagnostics specializes in DNA testing. We are a well-established and highly regarded laboratory with a solid reputation amongst the legal and medical community in the US, Canada, and over 100 countries worldwide. Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, allowing us to provide clients with the fastest, most efficient and most accurate DNA testing services. We currently perform over 20,000 paternity test per year, processing approximately 60,000 patient samples annually, and have maintained a completely flawless record. We are one of the largest and leading providers of DNA paternity testing services to patients throughout North America and we are the laboratory of choice for many physicians, lawyers, hospitals, and government organizations across the country. Results from Genex are routinely used in court and have been recognized as legal evidence of paternity throughout North America.

The scientists at Genex have encountered and successfully processed nearly every possible scenario. Such cases include but are not limited to: regular paternity, regular maternity, motherless paternity, fatherless maternity, alleged fathers who are brothers or father and son, reconstruction of paternal identity, grandparentage, avuncular testing, sibship, twin zygosity, paternity testing from cases involving incest, from histological slides from deceased individuals, from DNA banked with our laboratory for estate claims, from blood or buccal cells, from amniocentesis before birth, from chorionic villus samples before birth, for urgent request where samples are required in under 24 hours and many other scenarios. Nearly all of these cases are used as legal evidence, some of these cases involve high profile figures, international cases, alleged fathers with restraining order, in prison, or where one of the individuals is located in a rural district or is handicapped or otherwise unable to physically attend an appointment.

Genex Diagnostics’s commitment to the latest technology and to patient education and service has allowed each of the aforementioned tests to be conducted without any issue. Genex has maintained an unblemished record with no legal challenges to our reports whatsoever. The technology offered by Genex guarantees a CPI (combined Paternity Index) greater than 10,000. All paternity inclusions are reported as greater than 99.99% and all paternity exclusions are reported as 0% probability of paternity. With over 60,000 thousand tests conducted to date, Genex has maintained an unblemished record with no legal challenges to our reports whatsoever.

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Genex Diagnostics
4616 25th Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA, 98105 United States

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