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FRIZ Biochem GmbH

Year Established:
Neuried, Bavaria, DE
Company Type:
Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)

FRIZ Biochem GmbH, founded in Oct. 2004, is a privately held biotech company located in Neuried near Munich. The company initially focused on the development of advanced electronic biochips and gradually integrated the complete workflow of molecular diagnostics in its development efforts. FRIZ Biochem offers novel, highly innovative and broadly applicable molecular diagnostics solutions (instruments, analytical techniques, chemistries, sample preparation etc.) with special emphasis on Point-of-Care applications. FRIZ Biochem meets the challenge of providing a combination of simplification and improved information in a time-frame where the result affects medical intervention.

FRIZ Biochem has mainly academic staff with expertise for complex technology development ranging from bioinformatics/software via physics and chemistry to biology and diagnostics. As part of an informal network of renowned research institutes, clinical research organisations, hospitals as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies it has succeeded in realising a complex interdisciplinary development.

Dithiol phosphoreamidite (DTPA)

Direct electrical detection of molecular recognition processes forced us to establish a proprietary anchoring of molecular probes on metal surfaces via DTPA (dithiolphosphoreamidite, US7601848, EP1626952). DTPA / DTPA CPG are a disulfide-containing phosphoramidite / solid support to modify synthetic DNA or RNA with multiple thiol groups. These synthons have been developed to improve the attachment of oligonucleotides but also proteins or other molecules to Au, AuNO, Ag, AgNP and other thiol reactive surfaces. The dithiol can be inserted into an oligonucleotide at any position. Download DTPA-flyer

  • DTPA anchoring chemistry allows full control over thermo- and biostability as well as (mixed) loading density for individual application specifications.

  • This DTPA anchoring chemistry allows to provide easily customizable nanoparticle building kits with unique yet individually adjustable physico-chemical properties.

Ordering information

Nanoparticle Synthesis

FRIZ Biochem offers Gold Nanoparticles, users can easily customise to their specific needs and applications. The Au-NP Configurator is an internet based building set providing a variety of configuration options, like: size; anchoring chemistry; density; no of docking oligos; distal modification.

Use our Au-NP Configurator to create your own customised Gold Nanoparticles!
… for customised live cell RNA Detection
… or easily develope your own tumor targeting and/or agent transport – with Distal Modifications
… or any functionalisation mixture as well as fully customised functional nano-particle modification

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Highest quality multiple modified oligonucleotides are used for FRIZ Biochem’s DNA -microarrays. Research & development experience in the synthesis of multiple modified probes enables FRIZ Biochem to offer customers superior reliable technologies & services to optimise their scientific endeavours.

A wide variety of modifications can be incorporated into an oligonucleotide at the time of synthesis. When possible, this is done using a modified solid support (CPG) for 3’-modifications or a specialised phosphoramidite reagent for internal and 5’-modifications.

Certain modifications are not available as a modified-CPG or phosphoramidite and must be attached to the oligo after synthesis using NHS Ester chemistry. NHS Esters react with free primary amines and result in stable, covalent attachment. A primary amine is therefore added to the oligo during synthesis to permit reaction with the desired NHS Ester.

Catalog prices for modifications and prices for standard synthesis are found here.

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FRIZ Biochem GmbH
Floriansbogen 2-4 Neuried, Bavaria, 82061 Germany
FRIZ Biochem GmbH
2 Floriansbogen Neuried, BY, 82061 Germany

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