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Year Established:
Glattbrugg, Zürich, CH
Company Type:
Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)
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  • Biosafety Level 1 (BSL 1) (unconfirmed)

CellEDIT – CRISPR Cell Line Engineering Service by Cytosurge AG, implements advanced genetically engineered cell lines that bring next-generation therapies to fruition, bridging the gap between genetic design tools and the manufacturing of high-precision gene-engineered cell lines.

By leveraging the unique capability of the CellEDIT Service, researchers and scientists gain unparalleled control over cellular experiments, enabling groundbreaking discoveries in various fields from disease modeling to Immuno-oncology research. Whether you require precise gene engineering, knock-in, knock-out and multiplexing, the CellEDIT offers the service and expertise to advance your scientific endeavors and accelerate your research progress. Take advantage of our unique single-cell gene editing service today and obtain reliable and high-quality edits on your cell line of choice. Your next customized cell line will help you move forward with your research, target validation or during your drug development process.

The CellEDIT’ custom CRISPR Cell Line Engineering workflow is celebrated for its gentle approach and accurate editing, thanks to a careful intra-nuclear injection of CRISPR editing reagents. The intra-nuclear injection minimizes the impact of transfection on the cells, but it also allows for complex genetic modifications with unparalleled control on hard-to-transfect mammalian cell lines.

Key Features and Capabilities
1. Vector-free Single-Cell Transfection: CellEDIT empowers researchers to perform precise and targeted direct intra-nuclear injections. This capability is invaluable for introducing specific gene edits – knock-ins, knock-out, large insertions, multiplex editions (editing) – into cells with utmost accuracy.
2. High Precision and Control: The CellEDIT service offers exceptional accuracy and control in single-cell transfection. With its unique microfluidic force probing cantilever technology, we can precisely control the injected volume of CRISPR Cas9 RNP into the nucleus, reducing off-targeting effect.
3. Versatility and Compatibility: CellEDIT is compatible with mammalian cells. Researchers can tailor the service to their specific research needs, enabling a wide range of applications across multiple scientific disciplines, including cell biology, immunology, neuroscience, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery.
4. Expert Support: The CellEDIT service offered through is backed by a team of experienced scientists and technical experts. They provide guidance and support throughout the project, ensuring researchers and scientists to achieve optimal results and maximize the potential of the CellEDIT Service

About Cytosurge***
Cytosurge AG, founded in 2009, is a biotechnology company that manufactures and distributes cutting-edge solutions based on its patented FluidFM® technology.
At the heart of this technology are the hollow FluidFM Probes – the Micropipette, Nanopipette, and the Nanosyringe – specifically designed to offer a wide range of unique applications for single-cell manipulation in biology research. Cytosurge’s current systems compatible with FluidFM probes include the FluidFM ADD-ON for AFM systems and the standalone semi-automated FluidFM OMNIUM system. Cytosurge’s vision is to unlock novel cures by translating next-generation genetic designs into living cells, contributing to human well-being through advancements in single-cell technologies. As the partner of choice for precision gene engineering cell line manufacturing, Cytosurge enables next-generation biologic production and cell and gene therapy treatments, empowering people to live longer and healthier lives. With a unique single-cell workflow and dynamic gene expression analytics, Cytosurge manufactures advanced gene-engineered cell lines, empowering next-generation treatments to benefit human well-being.

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Cytosurge HQ
25 Glattbrugg, Zürich, 8152 Switzerland

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