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Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC)
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CTIBiotech develops and produces predictive models of human cells and tissues for biomedical, pharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic research and development. CTIBiotech is home to a team of world-renowned experts who have innovated in the fields of bioengineering and regenerative medicine over the past 30 years. CTIBiotech works in partnership with public and private organizations to develop innovative solutions for efficacy and safety testing of active ingredients, dermatocosmetic products, therapeutic candidates, cell therapies and medical devices. CTIBiotech is organized around three divisions.

CTIBiosourcing®: a large human cells and tissue biobank with dedicated human biological samples procurement team, manufacturing of biological models, cells and human tissues. More than 50,000 tissue samples in stock or on demand for biological supply from a network of 200 healthcare partners around the world.

Please check our catalogue of cells and tissue products and current biobank inventory:

Further to this,
CTIPharma™ open innovation (model development) and services (contract testing) activities to support drug development, biologics, medical device in oncology, immuno-oncology & regenerative medicine.
CTISkin™ open innovation (model development) and services (contract testing) activities to support your skin biology safety & efficacy evaluation projects.

Our human tissue models are of three types;

Ex Vivo: skin biopsy, scalp biopsy, baby skin model, sebaceous gland model etc
Blood samples, bone marrow samples, tumour and cancer biopsies (lung, prostate, pancreas, liver, breast, ovary, head & neck, colorectal, haematological malignancies, etc).

In Vitro: with a qualified and accredited Biobank of several thousand cell samples from donors of different ages, genders, phototypes
Keratinocytes, Fibroblasts, Sebocytes, Melanocytes, Dermopapilla, Immune cells etc
A range of cancer cell types and cancer associated fibroblasts.

3D Bioprinted human Skin: Our 3D bioprinted skins have a defined structure with a functional basement membrane separating a dermis (containing fibroblasts) from the epidermis (containing keratinocytes at different levels of maturation/cornification). These models are derived from single human donors and can be supplemented with other cell types depending on the model required for the efficacy claim being made.
For example, the immune system (involved in inflammation or allergies), melanocytes (involved in pigmentation) or sebocytes (involved in acne, oily skin, dry skin).
Research into the involvement of the M1 and M2 immune pathways in the different stages of inflammation has led us to produce models suitable for screening the safety and efficacy of ingredients, formulated or finished products, cosmetic or medical devices.

CTIBioTumor cancer research bioassays accurately reproduce, in vitro, the interactions between human cancer cells and all other types of cells that form the tumor microenvironment.

Delivery of standardised skin models to your laboratories:

=> CTISkin™Ex vivo kit.
This new product is a standardised and ready-to-use solution for your efficacy and safety tests.
Collected immediately after surgery, we provide you with the freshest possible skin biopsies that can be used for up to 11 days.

Suitable for all ex vivo skin bioassays including:
✔ Anti-pollution test
✔ Hydration test
✔ Revitalisation test
✔ Healing test
✔ Sun protection test
✔ Anti-inflammatory test
✔ etc

=> CTISkin™ dermatomed frozen skin
Dermatomed skin samples frozen after surgery and delivered to your laboratory

And also

=> CTISkin™ Single Donor Kit
Provides access to primary human cells from a single donor to support your ethical and regulatory compliant in vitro bioassays.

Included in the kit are:
✔ From 2 to 6 primary cell types (keratinocytes, fibroblasts, adipocytes, sebocytes, melanocytes, blood cells) from the same donor.
✔ Cell culture media defined for each cell type: CTISKIN reagent.
✔ Certificate of analysis
✔ Recommended protocol
✔ Data sheet


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Batiment A16, MEYZIEU, Rhone, 69330 France
Batiment A16, MEYZIEU, Rhone, 69330 France

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