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Cranfield University - Wolfson Field Laboratory

Cranfield, GB
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Academic Core Facility

The laboratory is for measuring whole-soil carbon balances and greenhouse gas fluxes, including stable-isotope compositions, in large, intact, hydrologically-isolated soil monoliths (lysimeters) under field conditions. It contains 24 lysimeters connected to automated gas flux chambers and instruments. The lysimeters are 0.8m in diameter and 1m deep, i.e., at least the size of a soil pedon, and therefore representative of field soil conditions. Each is equipped with systems for controlling soil moisture and surface temperature, and instruments to allow near continuous sampling of gases emitted from the surface, dissolved solutes passing out of the bottom, and temperature, moisture and soil solution at different depths. Onsite environmental conditions are monitored with a weather station.

The gas flux chambers (26cm head space) are fixed over the soil surface and have pneumatically operated lids. Gases accumulated in the head space when the lids are closed are passed through a continuous loop to an infra red gas analyser (IRGA) and an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) housed in an instrument building. This allows simultaneous analysis of CO2 , CH4 , N2O, O2 and N2 and their C, O and N isotope compositions at natural or enriched abundances.

The soil monoliths in the lysimeters contain electrical heating elements in the surface, capable of maintaining the soil surface at up to 5 o C above ambient temperature. They also have automated sprinkler irrigation systems, delivering rainwater collected from the roof of the instrument building. Presently the system contains two soil types planted with grass. These are a well-drained, acid, coarse loamy soil from Bedfordshire, and a poorly-drained, seasonally waterlogged loamy soil over clay from Warwickshire. The soil monoliths were taken intact from these sites, preserving the natural soil structure, and brought to Cranfield.

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Cranfield University - Wolfson Field Laboratory
Cranfield, , MK43 0AL United Kingdom

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