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Clemson University The Godley-Snell Research Center

The Godley-Snell Research Center (GSRC) opened on Clemson University campus in August of 1995 as a centralized animal research facility. GSRC has 22,000 sq. ft. dedicated to maintaining a variety of laboratory animal species used in research and teaching programs at Clemson University; and to providing resources and support services for those programs. GSRC is managed by the Office of Research Services and provides facilities, equipment, caging, and veterinary and technical support to facilitate animal research and teaching programs.

GSRC has housing space for large and small laboratory animals, including two suites of individually ventilated isolation cubicles. Facilities and caging are available for housing laboratory rodents, rabbits, chickens, goats, swine, and other species as required. Ventilated cage rack systems and micro isolator cages are available for housing mice. All animal rooms have centrally controlled temperature, humidity, air-flow, pressure differentials, and lighting.

Environmental parameters are monitored continuously using a computer controlled monitoring system with dial out alarms. Laboratory animals are procured from pre-approved sources of specific pathogen free animals.

Research Services staff includes laboratory animal trained veterinarians and animal care technicians. Animal care staff provides seven day a week animal care and health surveillance.

The surgical facility has two large operating rooms, nursing station, sterile prep, recovery room, procedure and surgical prep room, and radiology. Anesthetic delivery and monitoring equipment are available for various animal species. GSRC maintains a biocontainment suite that meets CDC, Animal Biosafety Level 3 criteria.

Access to the facility is controlled by an electronic card access system. The suite contains 1000 sq. ft. animal housing space, a controlled environment chamber, laboratory space, and personnel shower/locker. Laboratory equipment includes a Class II B2 biosafety cabinet and a pass-through steam sterilizer. The biocontainment area is maintained under negative pressure differential with 100% fresh air and 100% HEPA filtered exhaust.

Animals are maintained in accordance with all animal welfare regulations and federal guidelines to ensure humane care. Clemson University animal research facilities and programs are registered by USDA and have received full accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC).

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Clemson University The Godley-Snell Research Center
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