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Biocrates Life Sciences

Year Established:
Innsbruck , Tirol, AT
Company Type:
Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)

A targeted metabolomics kits and services company that addresses the two main challenges in metabolomics, acquiring excellent, reproducible data and interpreting meaningful results. biocrates offers:
– Broad, quantitative coverage of more than 1000 metabolites using LC-MS/MS approaches
– High throughput, standardized methods that are scalable for longitudinal and large cohort studies
– A highly applicable workflow for a wide range of species and samples (plasma, feces, tissue, etc.) with low sample volumes (as little as 10 uL for most biofluids)
– The ability to adapt our methods to the needs of a specific project
– Expert annotation of results and biological interpretation
– Applications in a variety of diseases and systems with recent applications in nutrition and wellbeing, neurology, infectious disease, and the microbiome

We offer a variety of assays, metabolomics kits, and services.
– MxP Quant 500 Kit Assay: Comprehensive coverage of up to 107 small molecules/metabolites and 523 lipids from 26 different analyte classes (Applications: microbiome interactions, Alzheimer’s disease, aging, nutrition, etc.)
– AbsoluteIDQ p180 Kit Assay: Coverage of up to 43 small molecules/metabolites and 145 lipids from 7 different analyte classes (Applications: Alzheimer’s disease, nutrition, aging, etc.)
– AbsoluteIDQ Bile Acids Kit Assay: Coverage of up to 10 primary and 10 secondary bile acids (Applications: Alzheimer’s disease, Chron’s disease, fitness and wellbeing, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Parkinson’s, etc.)
– AbsoluteIDQ Stero17 Kit Assay: Coverage of up to 17 steroid hormones from all five major classes (Applications: animal health, steroid disorders, etc.)
– Lipid Assay: Coverage of up to 326 lipids from 10 different lipid classes (Applications: heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, lipid metabolism disorders, etc.)
– Oxysterol Assay: Coverage of up to 18 free (oxy-) sterols (Applications: cholesterol disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, etc.)
– Tryptophan Metabolism Assay: Coverage of up to 17 metabolites from the tryptophan pathway (Applications: aging, microbiome research, fitness, and wellbeing, etc.)
– Acylcarnitine Assay: Coverage of up to 43 acylcarnitines + free carnitine (Applications: neurological disorders, aging, dementia, etc.)
– SCFA+ Assay: Coverage of up to 11 short- and 8 medium-chain fatty acids, including 8 branched-chain fatty acids (Applications: Nutrition, inflammation, energy metabolism, insulin resistance, autoimmune diseases, gut microbiome, gut-brain axis, gut-immune axis, etc.)

Data Analysis Services
– Data interpretation and statistical analysis services: analysis literature search, pathway analysis and visualization, interpretation of univariate and multivariate statistics, PCA, ANOVA, PLS-DA, hierarchical cluster analysis, boxplots, and other data visualization upon request
– MetaboINDICATOR analysis: over 230 biologically relevant metabolite sums and ratios to help draw biological conclusions from data

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biocrates life sciences ag
Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 8 Innsbruck , Tirol, 6020 Austria

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