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Benaroya Research Institute Tetramer Core Lab

The Tetramer Core Laboratory provides MHC class II tetramer reagents for collaborators both within and outside BRI. These tetramers are synthetic protein conjugates that allow the direct detection of antigen specific T cells by flow cytometry.

Tetramers produced in our facility have been used to detect CD4+ (helper) T cells and have facilitated the study of viral immunity, autoimmune diseases, allergic responses and cancer. The class II MHC proteins are produced using stable insect cell cultures and purified by affinity chromatography. The purified proteins are loaded with exogenous peptide and conjugated using PE labeled streptavidin. In some cases we are able to provide T cell clones for use as experimental positive controls.

Our intention is to distribute tetramer reagents as widely as possible. To receive materials from the Tetramer Core, users must complete a material transfer agreement. Unless alternative arrangements are made, all users must provide peptide solution (20-50 mg/mL in DMSO) for each tetramer to be delivered.

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