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Baylor Research Institute BIIR Imaging Core

The Imaging/Microscopy Core facility includes:

Olympus BX51 with Metamorph – fully automated B&W digital imaging system with Metamorph software for epi-fluorescence or DIC of fixed cells and tissues.
Nikon Perfect Focus Digital Imaging System with NIS Elements – fully automated inverted microscope for culture vessels or slides in brightfield or epi-fluorescence.
Leica CM3050S Cryostat – frozen tissue sectioning in automatic or manual mode.
Olympus BX60 with Nikon DXM1200C Camera and NIS Elements – color digital camera microscope system for histologically stained cells or tissue.
Leica SP-5 AOBS Confocal with Resonant Scanner – inverted laser scanning confocal with motorized stage for fixed or live cell confocal microscopy.
Arcturus Laser Capture Lab – complete with Arcturus Laser Capture microscope for both IR capture and UV cutting, Nikon B&W NIS Elements imaging package and dedicated Leica CM3050S cryostat.

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