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Aurelia Bioscience

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Year Established:
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, GB
Company Type:
Small Business (1-10M TTM Revenue)
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  • Small Business (SB) (unconfirmed)

Aurelia Bioscience offers lab-based services in bio-assay development and screening for small molecules and biologics using state of the art technologies applied to cell-based and biochemical assays. Technologies in our laboratory include: FLIPR Tetra, a fluorescence kinetic microplate reader and dispenser used for imaging intra-cellular calcium or potassium movement following ligand addition. FMAT, or Fluorescence MicroAssay Technology, a quasi con-focal plate reader, able to identify objects (beads and cells) in wells and measure the fluorescence in close proximity to the object whilst ignoring the surrounding fluorescence – used for cell and bead based binding studies. EnSpire label free, a technology developed by Corning Inc that uses specialised glass bottom microwell plates to image dynamic mass re-distribution of proteins in the membrane and proximal to the cytoplasm following ligand addition without the need for dyes or incorporation of cDNA. Guava FlowCyte, a flow cytometry system used to examine populations of cells in solution following treatment and labelling with fluorescence dyes. EnVision, a highly sensitive plate reader that can be used for both fluorescence and luminescence assays. Cellomics CX5 high content imager, able to examine both kinetic and fixed cell end point assays using imaging technology with fluorescently labelled antibodies or proteins at a number of magnifications. QuantiStudio 6 HT qPCR reader, able to detect mRNA changes in samples from cells in 384 well format. WES from Protein Simple, a system designed to perform high throughput Western Blot analysis to detect changes in specific proteins secreted from cells. All of the above can be applied to your biology of interest. Aurelia Bioscience are agnostic to disease area, we bring our technological know how to bear on to your biological questions and hopefully shed light on the mechanisms and identify compounds that interact with your target to, one day, be a future medicine. Previous diseases areas we have worked in include respiratory and inflammatory disease, oncology and cancer biology including hypoixia, muscule wasting disorders, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. In addition we have our own 3-D biology R&D project, examining the biology of recombinant cells, primary cells and stem cells in an unique proprietary electrospun scaffold matrix for screening compounds and biologics.

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Aurelia Bioscience
Pennyfoot Street , England, NG1 1GF United Kingdom
Aurelia Bioscience Ltd
Pennyfoot Street , England, NG1 1GF United Kingdom
Aurelia Bioscience Ltd
Biocity Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 1GF United Kingdom

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