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Auburn University COSAM NMR Center

Auburn, AL, US
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Academic Core Facility

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry houses three Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers that are crucial to the performance of many kinds of chemical research. Users of TOF instruments and data systems can routinely receive technical support in mass spectrometry experiments that includes method development, data acquisition and result interpretation from service personnel. The GCT premier is interfaced to a gas chromatograph and is equipped with a direct inlet and a solids probe. EI and CI ionization modes are available and resulting spectra can be searched against the NIST03 compound library for structural matches. The Q-TOF premier has a full range of modern mass spectrometric techniques available, including MS, MSMS, Survey, PID neutral, PID product, MSE and DDAX scanning methods. Acquired data have high resolution and less than 5 ppm mass errors. ESI and APPI ionization at nano/anlytical flow rate are available for polar and non-polar liquid samples delivered by the Acquity UPLC system with HT autosampler. The Bruker Microflex matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometer is ideal for protein and polymer studies. The Department’s mass spectrometry capability is greatly enhanced by Waters mass spectrometers that provide accurate mass measurement and that have made compositional analysis possible. Research that involves organic synthesis, ligand interaction, peptide/protein sequencing and many other areas of chemistry requires mass spectrometry tools.

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Auburn University COSAM NMR Center
Auburn, AL, 36849 United States
Auburn University COSAM NMR Center
Auburn, AL, 36849 United States

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