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Auburn University COSAM Mass Spectrometry Center

Auburn, AL, US
Company Type:
Academic Core Facility

The MSC provides analytical services that involve mass spectrometric techniques through the performance, interpretation, design and optimization of experiments upon request. LC/MS performs quick data acquisition and automated injection for the following purposes: (1) small molecule mass and structural analysis, (2) protein identification/MW, (3) peptide/protein micro sequencing, (4) peptide mapping, (5) protein modification, (6) shotgun proteomics (1D-SDS/rUPLC), and (7) purity assessment with UPLC. GC/MS analysis with fast data acquisition rates and automated workflow features high-sensitivity, high-resolution, and exact-mass measurement in applications on (8) GC chromatography of volatile/semi volatile SM, (9) structural analysis of SM with EI library search, and (10) quantitative analysis with capillary GC. MALDI/TOF analysis includes (11) MW of macromolecules (proteins, carbohydrates, and polymers), (12) protein structural analysis (PTM), and (13) small-molecular-mass, composition and purity assessment.

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Auburn University COSAM Mass Spectrometry Center
Auburn, AL, United States
Auburn University COSAM Mass Spectrometry Center
Auburn, AL, United States

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