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Aeonian Biotech

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Year Established:
Leiden, , NL
Company Type:
New Startup (0-1M TTM Revenue)

A new concept for the research antibody market:

We have developed and introduced a global quality ranking standard for commercial research antibodies, called Aeonian Rating®. Using this ranking standard, we create a catalogue consisting of the best antibodies from a selection of contracted original manufacturers. In addition, we offer finding services to aid scientists and biomarker detection kit developers to identify the best candidate antibodies in the market using our Aeonian Rating®.

Our service:
Among the large amounts of available commercial antibodies to any one target protein we will identify the few candidate antibodies that most likely meet the customer’s requirements. We will verify the data presented on the product sheet from the original manufacturer, avoiding rebranded products. Antibodies need to be accompanied with convincing data linked to the current batch/lot. The data need to demonstrate fitness for the application the antibody is required for. Those antibodies for which the epitope or immunizing peptide sequence is known enable us to check for potential cross-reactivity to related other proteins, especially when exhaustive validation data are absent. When such products are not available, we will make a clear statement regarding this for the best antibodies we do find.

Our catalogue:
The antibodies are eligible for our catalogue when the Aeonian Rating® is 70 or higher. The antibodies with the highest ranking are forever available with proven reproducible performance from batch to batch and in a consistent formulation (with a known purified IgG concentration).

How are we different?
Our unique approach comes to play when assessing the scientific integrity of the QC data presented by the manufacturer. Any claim of fitness for a certain application needs demonstrated by the presented data: The data need to be consistent with what is known from the literature and with the data from other available commercial antibodies. We will engage with the identified manufacturer to discuss their presented QC data of the current batch in comparison to previous batches and to check their stock situation before reporting back to the customer. We therefore serve customers who depend on a sustainable supply of product to last their projects, or to support their development of detection/quantification kits.

As far as we can see, this service is nowhere else to be found. We are the first.

Our Aeonian Rating® is a new quality ranking standard, providing a quantification of the level of fitness of the antibody for the application it is required for.

Scientists and assay developers are saving a fortune by no longer having to buy and try tens of different antibodies for one target, while running the risk of buying the same antibody from different sources due to rebranding. Our unique approach will prevent all these trivial problems and allows the customer to take a precious short cut finding the right antibodies straight away.

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