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Drop-n-Stain EverBrite™ Mounting Medium with DAPI



Drop-n-Stain EverBrite™ Mounting Medium with DAPI is wet-set antifade in a convenient dropper bottle for one step mounting and counterstaining. EverBrite™ protects fluorescent dyes from photobleaching, and is compatible with cyanine-based dyes like Cy® dyes and Alexa Fluor® 647. Trial size: 2 mL.


  • Keywords: Antifade, mounting medium, counterstain
  • Product Origin: Synthetic
  • Product Features: -Convenient dropper bottle for pipette-free mounting -Protects fluorescent dyes from rapid photobleaching -Compatible with cyanine-based fluorophores like Cy®3, Cy®5, and Alexa Fluor® 647, unlike VECTASHIELD® -Available with our without DAPI for nuclear counterstaining -R[7]C[1]Works as well as original EverBrite™, but less viscous for rapid DAPI staining
  • Product Categories: Fluorescence Microscopy|Nuclear Counterstains|Buffers, Accessories, & Background Reducers>Mounting Media & Microscopy Consumables
  • Product Applications: Drop-n-Stain EverBrite™ Mounting Medium is antifade medium in a dropper bottle for fast & easy dispensing.
  • Classified or Regulated Chemicals: Glycerol, CAS 56-81-5, 66%; Dimethyl formamide, CAS 68-12-2, 0.4%


Trial Size Available. Limit 1