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PYGM Antibody (C-term) Blocking Peptide



  • Format: Peptides are lyophilized in a solid powder format. Peptides can be reconstituted in solution using the appropriate buffer as needed.
  • Gene Id: 5837
  • Category: Peptides; Blocking Peptides
  • Subtitle: Synthetic peptide
  • Gene Name: PYGM
  • Other Names: Glycogen phosphorylase, muscle form, Myophosphorylase, PYGM
  • Availability: 2 weeks
  • Bio Background: PYGM catalyzes and regulates the breakdown of glycogen to glucose-1-phosphate. Defects in PYGM are the cause of glycogen storage disease type 5 (GSD5), also known as McArdle disease. GSD5 is a metabolic disorder resulting in myopathy characterized by exercise intolerance, cramps, muscle weakness and recurrent myoglobinuria.
  • Bio References: Tsoi, S.C., et al., J. Soc. Gynecol. Investig. 10(8):496-502 (2003).Bruno, C., et al., Neuromuscul. Disord. 12(5):498-500 (2002).Hadjigeorgiou, G.M., et al., Neuromuscul. Disord. 12(9):824-827 (2002).Deschauer, M., et al., Mol. Genet. Metab. 74(4):489-491 (2001).Kubisch, C., et al., Hum. Mutat. 12(1):27-32 (1998).
  • Primary Accession: P11217
  • Targetspecificity: The synthetic peptide sequence used to generate the antibody AP1450b was selected from the C-term region of human PYGM. A 10 to 100 fold molar excess to antibody is recommended. Precise conditions should be optimized for a particular assay.