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AlteCap Switch - Semi-Automated Handheld Decapper With Interchangeable Cassette Options For Uncapping A Row Of 2D Barcoded Tubes At A Time

Stellar Scientific


  • Weight: 5 LBS


The AlteCap Switch is a revolutionary hand-held capper/decapper designed to work with a wide range of 2D barcoded cryogenic vials. The secret of the AlteCap Switch are the interchangeable cassettes that are quickly exchanged and mount on the adjustably spaced rotating posts. Watch the video to see the AlteCap Switch in action. The AlteCap Switch must be equipped with a cassette to operate. Standard cassettes are designed for use with AltemisLab AlteTubes. Cassettes for the AlteCap Switch can be produced to accommodate almost every 2D barcoded cryovial on the market