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Gold Nanoparticles - Fluorescently Labeled, 150 nm, 10 kDa PEG, IR750, 0.4 mL

Luna Nanotech


Nanoparticle Diameter: 150 nm Fluorescence Label: IR750 PEG Linker: 10 kDa PEG Volume (@ 50 OD): 0.4 mL PEG functionalized gold nanoparticles labeled with a fluorescent dye. AFDye 488, AFDye 555, AFDye 647 or IR750 fluorescent dye labels NOTE 1: AFDye 488 (similar to FITC), AFDye 555 (similar to Cy3), AFDye 647 (similar to Cy5) are analogs of AlexaFluor® 488, AlexaFluor® 555, and AlexaFluor® 647 dyes, respectively. NOTE 2: IR750 dye is ithe analog of the IRDye® 750 dye. 5 or 10 kDa PEG spacer stabilizes nanoparticles and prevents dye quenching Core diameter: 4 nm – 200 nm Shelf life: > 4 months (4°C storage) Supplied as liquid suspension in PBS or in water with 0.01% (w/v) Tween-20


  • Category: Nanoparticles
  • Lead Time: 5-7 days
  • Applications: Assay design, diagnostics, drug delivery, vaccine delivery