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Cryo Laser Labels 0.94 x 0.5, Permanent, Assorted Colors



Cryogenic laser labels for microtubes and cryovials Small cryo laser labels specifically designed to fit 0.5ml microtubes and 1.5ml microtubes with conical bottom and stand-alone cryovials. These pre-cut, peel-off cryogenic tube labels ideal for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and freezers. The CL-12 cryo laser labels for microcentrifuge tubes are a great help for sample identification. Vast selection of color cryogenic laser labels makes freezer organization easy and convenient. These labels are waterproof and can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles without detaching or delaminating, scuff-resistant, smear-resistant. Easy to print with all major brands of laser printers, laser copiers and write on with permanent markers. The ergonomic layout allows the maximal use of the label space. Durability Durable water-proof and weatherproof cryogenic labels are resistant to wear and tear, to DMSO and other mild chemicals and detergents used in laboratories (thorough testing is recommended). They are stable at high temperatures up to +120°C and in boiling water (+100oC for 2-3 min). These cryogenic and freezer labels for laser printers can be sterilized via Gamma irradiation (up to 50 KGy).When using round shape CryoLaser labels for small cryovial and microtube tops a prior test with the brand of the vial is recommended due to the versatility of the vial caps and their surfaces. Applications Wide selection of cryogenic laser labels are available for labeling tubes, vials, cryoboxes, freezer boxes, cell culture plates, PCR plates, PCR tubes, microscope slides, eppendorf tubes, microtubes, cryovials, Vacutainer® tubes, tube tops, film cans, bottles, flasks, beakers and other various cryogenic and freezer containers. Sterilization Cryo LazrTag™ labels can be sterilized with Gamma irradiation up to 50 KGy radiation. Printing Our cryogenic laser labels for laser printers are designed for printing in standard desktop laser printers and commercial laser copiers. To achieve the most durable printing results it is recommended to select "labels" under "media type" in "printing preferences". Brother laser printers perform very well with all our cryogenic laser labels. Other common brands of laser printers are HP, Samsung and others. To write on our Cryo LazrTags™ we recommend to use our cryo-markers. Formats We provide the largest selection of cryogenic laser labels in 8.5"x11" laser sheet and European A4 sheet (210mm x 297mm) formats. Our cryo freezer labels are designed with features preventing jams in laser printers. We also provide other formats of laser labels such as 4" x 6" sheets that can be printed with laser printers. Wrap-Around Cryogenic Laser Labels Some applications require more label durability and protection such as when the label and the printing get exposed to i) strong organic solvents and chemicals (xylene, toluene, alcohols, formalin); ii) friction, physical wear and tear; iii) repetitive cleaning and security concerns against information loss or tampering. In those instances we recommend to use our DFSL wrap-around cryogenic laser labels. Custom Productions We are a manufacturing company and can make custom-made labels of different shapes, formats, colors, blank or printed with logos, graphic images and data according to specifications. We are highly specialized in printing labels for clinical trials world-wide. Vacutainer® and Microtainer® are federally and internationally registered trademarks owned by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 


  • Hazmat: N
  • Category: Laboratory Supplies
  • Unspsc Code: 55121600
  • Lead Time of Days: 3 Days