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Mouse Cdk20 Antibody (Center) Blocking Peptide



  • Format: Peptides are lyophilized in a solid powder format. Peptides can be reconstituted in solution using the appropriate buffer as needed.
  • Gene Id: 105278
  • Category: Peptides; Blocking Peptides
  • Subtitle: Synthetic peptide
  • Gene Name: Cdk20
  • Other Names: Cyclin-dependent kinase 20, CDK-activating kinase p42, CAK-kinase p42, CDK-related protein kinase PNQLARE, Cell cycle-related kinase, Cell division protein kinase 20, Cyclin-dependent protein kinase H, Cyclin-kinase-activating kinase p42, Cdk20, Ccrk, Cdch
  • Availability: 2 weeks
  • Bio Background: Cdk20 is involved in cell growth. Activates CDK2, a kinase involved in the control of the cell cycle, by phosphorylating residue 'Thr-160' (By similarity). Required for high-level Shh responses in the developing neural tube. Together with BROMI, controls the structure of the primary cilium by coordinating assembly of the ciliary membrane and axoneme, allowing GLI2 to be properly activated in response to SHH signaling.
  • Bio References: Qiu, H., et al. J. Biol. Chem. 283(32):22157-22165(2008)Wohlbold, L., et al. Cell Cycle 5(5):546-554(2006)
  • Primary Accession: Q9JHU3