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FA2H Antibody (Center) Blocking Peptide



  • Format: Peptides are lyophilized in a solid powder format. Peptides can be reconstituted in solution using the appropriate buffer as needed.
  • Gene Id: 79152
  • Category: Peptides; Blocking Peptides
  • Subtitle: Synthetic peptide
  • Gene Name: FA2H
  • Other Names: Fatty acid 2-hydroxylase, 1---, Fatty acid alpha-hydroxylase, FA2H, FAAH
  • Availability: 2 weeks
  • Bio Background: FA2H is a protein that catalyzes the synthesis of 2-hydroxysphingolipids, a subset of sphingolipids that contain 2-hydroxy fatty acids. Sphingolipids play roles in many cellular processes and their structural diversity arises from modification of the hydrophobic ceramide moiety, such as by 2-hydroxylation of the N-acyl chain, and the existence of many different head groups.
  • Bio References: Wheeler, H.E., et al. PLoS Genet. 5 (10), E1000685 (2009) Edvardson, S., et al. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 83(5):643-648(2008)Uchida, Y., et al. J. Biol. Chem. 282(18):13211-13219(2007)
  • Primary Accession: Q7L5A8