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Human IL-1F7 ELISA



RayBio® Human IL-37 (IL-1 F7) ELISA Kit for cell culture supernatants, plasma, and serum samples.


  • Alias: Interleukin-37 (FIL1 zeta) (IL-1X) (Interleukin-1 family member 7) (IL-1F7) (Interleukin-1 homolog 4) (IL-1H) (IL-1H4) (Interleukin-1 zeta) (IL-1 zeta) (Interleukin-1-related protein) (IL-1RP1) (Interleukin-23) (IL-37)
  • Storage: The entire kit may be stored at -20°C for up to 1 year from the date of shipment. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The kit may be stored at 4°C for up to 6 months. For extended storage, it is recommended to store at -80°C.
  • Category: ELISA
  • Lead Time: 4 weeks
  • Assay Type: Sandwich
  • Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates, Plasma, Serum
  • Sensitivity: 80 pg/mL
  • Specificity: This ELISA kit shows no cross-reactivity with the following cytokines tested: human IL-1F1 (IL-1 alpha), IL-1F2 (IL-1 beta), IL-1F3 (IL-1ra), IL-1F4 (IL-18), IL-1F5 (IL-36ra), IL-1F6 (IL-36 alpha), IL-1F8 (IL-36 beta), IL-1F9 (IL-36 gamma), IL-1F10 (IL-38), IL-1F11 (IL-33)
  • Subcategory: Sandwich ELISA kits
  • Result Output: Quantitative
  • Detection Range: 80 pg/ml - 20000 pg/mL
  • Accession Number: Q9NZH6
  • Detection Method: Colorimetric
  • Species Reactivity: Human